Below are some frequently asked questions about Ladies Work Remote. Feel free to contact us if your question isn’t answered here!

How can I join in my city?

Right here, or by clicking on the Join Now button in the top righthand corner of the menu.

Are there costs associated with joining?

Nope! Membership in Ladies Work Remote is completely free.

I have venue and coffee shop suggestions. How do I share?

We love new suggestions. Tell us about them here and we will direct them to the appropriate organizer in your city. 

What makes a good Meetup Location?

We’re glad you asked. In our expert opinion, a place near public transportation (if you’re in a big city), or near free or ample parking. Also, your venue of choice should have food, ample seating, power outlets and strong wi-fi.

Is it OK to have outdoor meetups?

That’s a great idea for a beautiful day. Just be sure to give your attendees a heads up so they can plan accordingly. 

Is it difficult to host a chapter? What’s the time commitment?

Not at all. We will assist you in setup and launch of your chapter and provide you with best practices. As an organizer, you’re expected to select locations and schedule Meetups via Meetup.com and attend the Meetup for the duration. If you have a co-organizer, you can easily split the duties!

Is Ladies Work Remote open to partnerships with other women-led groups?

Of course! Drop us a line on our contact page with ‘Partnerships’ as the subject line.

Hmm… I didn’t find the answer to my question. Who can help me?

Have no fear, click here.